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Email Attachment Size limit

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Email Attachment Size limit

Last weekend i attended a friends Birthday Party and I have some video footage to send to my friend.

The file once edited down is just under 1Gb, as She asked for it not to be put on Facebook, and Private Message on FB is very limited, I was left with the option of email. I tried sending and find that the file is too big, I tried zipping it still to big.

After some research I find that the size limit appears to be 100Mb, 

Why is the limit so small? I can understand a small limit on the freeby email systems, GMAIL & Hotmail, but when we pay for a service I would expect much better!

I did eventually get sorted and used Dropbox, but this was also a pain as the person I was sending the file to is not Computer savvy and on top of that has a Mac, I don't use Mac so i then had to find out how to do what she needed to do at her end and then explain it to her. All this when i should have just been able to send her the video file.

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Re: Email Attachment Size limit

1Gb is still quite an amount, and at least you got it sorted in the end. A 100Mb attachment limit seems reasonable to me.

Other ways you could have done it, is to post them a DVD-R or a bit more advanced is to host your own FTP server. I have done the FTP server bit in the past and it is not that hard.

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Re: Email Attachment Size limit

1GB is a massive amount for an attachment - in fact it is the size limit for the entirety of your email storage. Beyond a few MB email is. It an appropriate vehicle for SHARING files. There are other more appropriate vehicles such as Dropbox, One Drive, Google Drive / Docs, Instagram or a multitude of other such services. The limit on the free use of many such services is 5GB.

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