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Email Angst [SOLVED]

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Email Angst [SOLVED]

You may recognise this scenario :-

Over a few years I have come to rely on email working. Mostly for personal but for work also. A long time ago I bought domain only with Heartinternet. I just created a forward rule that sent all email for the domain to my Plusnet mailbox as this saved buying email hosting as I already was paying Plusnet...

You get the picture.

Fast forward a few years and nearly all my conversations, both personal and business is via email. I got unsubscribed from Facebook and Whatsapp quite some time ago - so I really have tried to focus purely on the most necessary aspects of electronic communication.

I have been using Outlook 2010 and KMail to access imap servers in the home office and the Plusnet webmail interface whilst on the road.

In the past 6 months both of these methods have become less than effective and in some cases have caused me real inconvenience during the working day.

I was previously subscribed to a thread here about all this but found that I had little to contribute other than reflecting the frustrations that others have found. That and echoing of well meaning posters who suggest not using Plusnet email for "anything remotely connected to business"

So, its 2017 and I have finally taken the bull by the horns and actually done something about all this which I thought i would share.

I have created an account with these guys;

and payed the princely sum of 12 Euro [£10.19] for their entry level service. And, I am so glad I did.

I have configure my DNS MX at Heart for which is working super quick in all aspects and on all devices.

I have added Plusnet's imap servers to my account at so I can check it periodically but the bulk of my mail is now fast and hassle free.

The cost of the domain at Heart was £6.99 so for a total outlay of £17.19 [£1.43 a month] I can finally just get on with my email life without ripping any hair out - an absolute bargain for my sanity!

ps I do not work for nor am I related to anyone who works there! 

pps For just a few important business clients I am using