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EMail “server not responding” issues (old madasafish address)

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EMail “server not responding” issues (old madasafish address)

I have had a madasafish email address since time began (well, since emails began). I didn’t have any issues with it, ever, forever, until it was taken over by Plusnet. 


I find the plusnet webmail service utterly useless. It is so user-unfriendly compared with the madasafish one. 


On the 20th October my emails just ceased. Incoming and outgoing failed. The next day, I rang plusnet customer support and waited literally hours to get through to someone who said I needed to change my settings. i queried this as I’m not a complete numbskull and had figured it might be an issue with my iPad (where I have IMAP setup) so I had already tried to retrieve them on my laptop (POP setup) AND plusnet webmail... all to no avail. The service advisor assured me that it was correct to change them. Then the said customer services advisor said they’d log my call for the relevant technical department to deal with.



On 23rd October, I opened a support ticket on my plusnet account. This is STILL “awaiting support team answer”. 


Im now concerned that I have the wrong IMAP settings on my iPad anyway but can’t remember what they were before I was advised to change them. I also can’t seem to find this info anywhere. Can anyone help me please?


The message I get is that the server is not responding and to check my settings...



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Re: EMail “server not responding” issues (old madasafish address)

Hi @Hobbes welcome to the Plusnet Community forums.

If your email provider is Madasafish the server names for POP3 and IMAP mail collection are both

using port 110 for POP3 or port 143 for IMAP. SSL/TLS is not supported.

The same server name can be used for SMTP sending or you can use

for that, in either case with port 587 (preferred) or port 25. Again SSL/TLS is not supported.

If your provider is one of the Madasafish brands I think the servers will be different. Please advise if that is the case. Smiley

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Re: EMail “server not responding” issues (old madasafish address)

Hi @Hobbes


Sorry to hear that you are having issues with your mail settings. You can find all of our mail settings on this help page.