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EE blocking smtp?

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Re: EE blocking smtp?

@StayinAlive wrote:

As an update to this problem, since rebooting my router last Tuesday, I have been able to use and PN main web page continuously, so I'm just fingers crossed at the moment.

Thanks for the update, I hope this continues to work. :thumbsup:

What I really didn't understand is why relay and home page either did or did not work at the same time but worked all the time throughout. Is that diagnostic?

The Community forum site is operated by Lithium on their servers, which I think could be in the Netherlands. It's unlikely you will pass through any Plusnet infrastructure to reach that site. On the other hand you will enter Plusnet infrastructure to reach the Free Online mail server and the Plusnet website.

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Re: EE blocking smtp?

Ah, that may well explain that little anomaly then. As for why I couldn't connect to the PN infrastructure during those few days, I am no further forward. Anyway, it is still working fine at the moment so I'll continue to watch it to see if there's another pattern to the issue that I missed. Meanwhile, thanks for your interest.