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E-mail settings for i-Phone

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E-mail settings for i-Phone

Have got the app My Mail and want to add my Plusnet address to it, I go to 'Other Mail' put in my email address and the correct password , press sign in, and it just keeps going round saying 'Something wrong' trying to connect' then it ends 'Unable to process request, Check data and try again'

Is it not possible to add a Plusnet address??? or am I doing something wrong.

thanks for any help.

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Re: E-mail settings for i-Phone

I use the standard Mail app on my iPad rather than myMail. Setting the standard app up is done through the Settings application.

To see if I could help, I installed myMail and I've managed to set it up - but it was far from intuitive.

As you mentioned you are asked for your email address and password, then tapping sign in leads to a perpetual "something is wrong" and "check your internet connection".

At this point if you tap "Back" (top left) a panel is displayed showing all the settings and you can edit the entries to correct them.

These include Login name (you must supply this)
IMAP incoming server name (
Turn off SSL/TLS (which will change the port to 143)
SMTP outgoing server name (
Turn off SSL/TLS (which will change the port to 25 - however edit that to make it 587)

After that tapping Sign in will (eventually) display the mailbox.

You will get a request to access your location, then when sending to access your contacts. I replied No to each of those and I'm glad I did.

When I sent a test message it was sent using the myMail server - albeit with DKIM signature and using SSL/TLS. One expects that sort of thing from Gmail, Yahoo and Microsoft, but in my opinion myMail should use the relay I specified and keep it's nose out. So I'll be uninstalling it.

Hope this helps.

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Re: E-mail settings for i-Phone

Merge his two topics?

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