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E Mail Problems

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E Mail Problems

I have a domain name on my e mail and I had an e mail client that became corrupted by a virus I think and I cannot access e mails or reload the programme it was Incredimail which probably explains a lot
I thought I could access my e mail via web mail but I can only seem to access the default e mail address I cannot access the address I want to
For example say my domain name was elephant my default mailbox is elephant@elephant etc etc wheras I want to access the webmail mailbox which is my name@elephant etc but I cant seem to do that
it may be I am an idiot which is more than likely but can I not access my other webmail mailboxes if so how ?  I cant see anywhere you can do this unless I am not seeing what is right in front of me
I would like to ditch incredimail and stick with PN Webmail
Thanks for anyone who knows what I am talking about.  
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Re: E Mail Problems

The username you need to use with webmail is in the form of "username+mailbox" , so taking your example it would be elephant+name.
Once logged in you can add an identity for your domain in the webmail settings.
That's RPM to you!!