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Did I get e-mail address with my new plusnet sign up?

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Did I get e-mail address with my new plusnet sign up?

When joining plusnet I seem to recall something about saying i wanted communication though my current e-mail address (gmail one),.I've seen an option in "account set up" about getting an email address but it says ..... not , so i'm wondering - did i get  automatically get a plusnet address on signup and where do i get the details etc? I've gone to webmail and tried my account name and pwd .... but they failed. I have seen the help links on email, but they don't really tell me what my start point is ... or indeed if i have one.

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Re: Did I get e-mail address with my new plusnet sign up?

You can have an email address (in fact several) but they need to be set up first. Note that customer addresses are like where something is a name you choose.

To set up your first email address, log into the Member Centre then go to Email Settings in the left hand menu and click Manage My Mail on the page. You should now be asked to enter the mailbox name which replaces something in the address pattern above. For example if you entered henry the default email address would be

Follow the instructions to get the system to set this up.

When set up is complete will be the email address but you access it through webmail or an email program with youraccountname as username, and your account password as password.

Once set up is complete the process for creating additional mailboxes, for example , requires a visit to Manage My Mail, but this time you will already have a default mailbox. The pages displayed prompt for what is needed but additional mailboxes have their own username and password. This username will be youraccountname+claudia

Hope this helps.

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Re: Did I get e-mail address with my new plusnet sign up?

Hello @ekimrob


Just to add, if you create a Plusnet email address it can take up to 4 hours to become active.


But, yeah @spraxyt's reply was spot on. Thumbs_Up

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