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Deleting Emails

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Deleting Emails

I thought it was about time I cleared out our mail box.  We have our emails forwarded to outlook so only left on the server in case of emergencies.  There were over 7000 emails on there, now down to just over 6000 but it has taken ALL DAY to remove them.  Every time I move away from the inbox folder to delete out of the delete box folder, it goes back to the first page, which then takes 30 seconds to load.  Even deleting one email is over 15 seconds.  Why is it so SLOW!!!!  I hoped it might speed up as I deleted more but it doesnt.  I tried deleting in bulk by sorting by subject but it grinds to a halt and gives you a message if you dare to delete something twice as it hasnt deleted it.
Is it just us?
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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Deleting Emails

Hi grsuk,
If you've that many emails in there it will certainly run more slowly. Given what you're trying to do I'd strongly recommend setting up a mail client using the IMAP protocol as that will allow you to work much faster and will make sure the emails you leave undeleted are still there in the webmail client when you're done.
You can see guides for the most popular mail clients on our help pages, here:
Hope that helps.