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DKIM setup with my own domain

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DKIM setup with my own domain

All my emails are sent by plus net servers via
I send my emails with my own domain name ( and inbound mails go via the Zen MX mail servers and are enveloped for my email addresses.
So far so good.
I now need to send mails to some Facebook email addresses (some friends only have these), but FB now requires mail sent to email addresses to be DKIM signed.
How can I set this up - can I just add the plusnet public key information to my DKIM TXT records?  If so what is the correct incantation?
If not is there anything else I can do (e.g. send mail using my email addresses)?
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Community Gaffer
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Re: DKIM setup with my own domain

Hi Dave,
Whether you send from your domain or your address, DKIM signing is not supported by our mail platform.
It really shouldn't be required though, as evidenced by my post in your other thread here.

Bob Pullen
Plusnet Product Team
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