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Change of email address

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Change of email address

I've recently received some unwelcome emails from individuals loosely known to me who I haven't given my address to.

I'm not happy about Plusnet's refusal to change my email address which contains my full (unusual) name.

I'm OK on computer hardware but a bit lacking in things like email clients. I presently use Thunderbird.

Can someone tell me if it is possible to set up say a gmail address and then to block messages to my Plusnet address ?

I have a small number of contacts and telling them my new address wouldn't be a problem.

If this can't be done I shall have switch ISP to someone who allows anonymous addresses.

Step by step answers please, in words that even I can understand.

Thanks in anticipation.


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Re: Change of email address

Regarding the Plusnet email I assume that your email is of the form <full name>,com

You could just set up a new one such as <different name>,com and then blackhole the old one

Unless you just used and then it would be necessary to setup a new mailbox and collect from it in the form username+new name and don't collect emails from the

You could then check every so often using webmail to see if something has been missed

Another option is to add a filter in gmail where emails from those persons just get deleted

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Re: Change of email address

Are the unwanted emails always from the same email addresses? If so go to and select Manage My Mail. Select the Spam tab and at the bottom of that screen enter the offending senders email addresses in to the Blocked Addresses box. Emails will be deleted without any notification back to the sender.

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Re: Change of email address


@oldgeezer wrote:

Can someone tell me if it is possible to set up say a gmail address and then to block messages to my Plusnet address ?

If the options suggested in the previous replies don't meet your needs you can, if you wish, do what you suggested. First you need to create a gmail account and set up Thunderbird to work with it. Mozilla provide the guide describing how to set this up.

Now log into the Plusnet Member Centre and click Email Settings on the left. This will take you to, Click Manage My Mail and go to the Spam tab. Near the top the highlighted option illustrated ...EmailBlock.png

 can be checked to do what it says (your email domain will appear automatically in the "choose" box). Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Update Settings to make the change.

Since Plusnet need to send account related emails to you you need to provide an email address for these. Go to Account details on the left and click Edit Details. Scroll to the bottom of the list and enter your gmail address in the email box. Click Update Details to store this.

Hopefully the new set up should now be working. Smiley

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Re: Change of email address

The problem that when I first joined Plusnet the woman setting up the account insisted that the username part contained my full names. She must have thought I sounded a bit of a dubious character over the phone. Smiley

My nephew set up an account with Plusnet at about the same time and was allowed to use the name of his cat as the username.

Altering the bit before the @ would still leave my full name in my address.

e.g would become something like, which somewhat gives the game away a bit.

I thank spraxyt for his comprehensive instructions which I shall use to set up a gmail address when I am feeling a bit less ill.

Thank you all for your helpful replies.


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Re: Change of email address

Moderator's note by Mike (Mav): The fix has been changed to @spraxyt as per message #4.

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