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Cats and dogs blocking emails

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Cats and dogs blocking emails

Hi newbie here, couldn't find answer in FAQs. Being bombarded with spam directed to specific prefixes with my username. So if my name is eg smith how do I block emails with address say  but still allowing the ones with  to come through. thank you for any suggestions


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Re: Cats and dogs blocking emails

Welcome to the forum.

It sounds like 'catchall' is enabled in your email settings. See here for instructions on turning it off. Go to the section on Switching off Catch All. Once that's switched off only mail to your specified addresses will get through

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Re: Cats and dogs blocking emails

Hi @Catgut1, thanks for your post and welcome to our Community Forums!


We're going to need a little more detail on your account and mailboxes and so we have sent you a ticket accessible here.


As far as turning off catchall, this is something we'd certainly recommend.