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Cannot connect to (POP) from PC using outlook 2010

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Cannot connect to (POP) from PC using outlook 2010


Hope someone can point out my numpty mistake 🙂

Have been running 3 mailboxes via BT last few years up until last friday....then changed over to Plusnet.

My set up is Win 10 running outlook 10 (POP3) with my own domain and with a direct point to each mailbox(as opposed to using BT mail boxes)

I have set up my equivalent 3 Plusnet mail boxes and my domain  now points to them correctly.

I can access all 3 Plusnet mailboxes via Webmail without any issues sucessfully.

My issue is............... I cannot connect via outlook 10 using my pc.

I have changed the set up of all my 3 existing accounts on outlook 10 with the required settings for Plusnet POP3 set up and keep getting

Log onto incoming mail server (POP3): Your e-mail server rejected your login. Verify your user name and password for this account in Account Settings.  The server responded: -ERR Login failed.

Then I get the

Server xxx

Username xxx

Password xxx

challenge box with all my correct details contained.

I have overwritten this just to prove this is correct

I have the SMTP box ticked (tried unticked also) and the box Use the same settings as my incoming mail server

Incoming server is set to 110............. outgoing server is set to 587   ...have tried 25 also

I have tried making a new account on my outlook 10 with the Plusnet settings with the same response

Just to test I have changed 2 of the 3 mailboxes back to BT and can still pick up my mail ok

I spoke to Plusnet call centre and as far as they are concerned if I can access webmail then that is all they can do.......

Could it be my mailbox is not set up (pop3) correctly on the plusnet mailserver?

Open to suggestions............




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Re: Cannot connect to (POP) from PC using outlook 2010


A warm welcome to the forums. Three things to check...

1. Plusnet email servers do not support SSL/TLS encryption - please make sure that they are not enabled on the server settings

2. You can not access PlusNET’s SMTP server until after your broadband service has gone live

3. For the default mailbox, the account name is your Plusnet account name; for other mailboxes, it is accountname+mailboxname

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