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Cannot connect to (POP) from PC outlook 2010

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Re: Plusnet's Status Page.

@howie13pnet wrote:

Just to say the POP email issues have NOT been resolved - as far as I'm concerned!
A whole bunch of emails which should have been received on Thursday 26 October seem to have vanished into cyberspace. My webmail accounts are empty and, despite a PM message from Plusnet saying it was "being investigated", so far nothing more.
As a long-time user of Plusnet, any previous enthusiasm to recommend this ISP to others, has now been consigned to cyberspace along with those missing e-mails.

Just to follow this post, I have now become aware that some emails sent to me last week never arrived. In particular today I have been informed that photos of the inside of some equipment were sent. They have not arrived.

This is extremely worrying. To be of any use email has to be 100% reliable, and in my years with Demon before the Vodafone debacle, I remember occasional long email delays but never any actual losses.

I, too, have been recommending Plusnet as one of the ISP's to consider. The fact that Plusnet didn't appear to have any awareness that email was faulty inspires no confidence - isn't there any automated live test procedure to flag up faults immediately? Will there be an investigation into the reason emails were lost?

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Re: Plusnet's Status Page.

I would suspect different issues in play here - "My webmail accounts are empty" - somewhat suggests that the user has exceeded the fair mail store usage policy and ignored 3 reminders / request to reduce their usage.

As for your email which has not arrived, have you checked using webmail (to remove the possibility of an issue with your email application - it could be a collection issue rather than a delivery issue) and have you checked the spam folders?  Have you got auto delete obvious spam set?


UPDATE: Just found this -

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Re: Plusnet's Status Page.

I've got this AGAIN today!!!  Evil

Emails coming in to Outlook ok, outbound not working.  At all.

What the dickens is going on???  How do I fix this?

Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Plusnet's Status Page.

@SkylineUK_Dup I believe this is related to this thread? I'd stick to one thread to keep support in one place. Smiley

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