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Can't reset email account, no contact via phone lines or chat support

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Can't reset email account, no contact via phone lines or chat support



I was sent an email from (copied below)


There is no chat available, the call centre has a message that calls can't be taken at the moment, and I don't have a twitter account.


Is this the best way I can get in touch with customer services? Can one of the team have a look into this for me please? I have 0 access to my email.


Many thanks



    During the Monitoring of our platform, we noticed a  number of unsolicited emails are being sent from a remote IP address using your account login credentials.

    These were identified as unsolicited by our spam filtering software and flagged to our attention, we then sanity checked the source IP address, Subject Line, From and To addresses and based on the content, we believe it's quite possible your log-in credentials have been compromised.

    For reference, the mailbox in question is: *******

    The most probable reason is an insecure or weak password, possibly plain text which could have been obtained by a local virus/keylogger or brute-forced using normal dictionary words.

    Due to the resources required to handle such high quantities of email, there is the potential for this situation to negatively affect other users of our email platform and the reputation of our mail servers.

    We have therefore taken the temporary measure of blocking your access to the email servers. This means that you will be unable to send or receive emails.

    Before considering reinstating access to our servers you will need to take preventative measures to stop this from re-occurring, we suggest an audit of all passwords and sensitive information that may have been accessible from keyloggers, etc and perform a full security audit & Virus/malware scan of any PC's connected to your network.

    Once you have taken action, please contact us to arrange for a new strong (cryptic) password to be applied to your account or mailbox, please use upper / lower case characters and numbers or special characters mixed.

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Re: Can't reset email account, no contact via phone lines or chat support

Hi @Jules11 

A warm welcome to the forums.  It looks as though your email address has been compromised.  This generic advice should help you to fix this.

Reset email password

Which ISP are you with, Plusnet or one of the other / legacy vISPs?

You can only change the password on your DEFAULT email address by changing the password on the ACCOUNT through the user portal. You can change the password on a secondary mailbox using the Manage My Mail options in the user portal.

MAAF users logging into webmail should use their full email address. Use the MAAF user portal to update the password on the default email address (change the account password) and use this MAAF guide to change the password on a secondary mailbox address.

DO NOT USE THE SAME PASSWORD AGAIN for that would allow the continued exploitation of the account. The new password should be cryptic and not one used before.

Note that changing the account password will change the password used for logging on to the user portal AND that required by the router to connect to the internet. If the router is a Hub Zero or a Hub One supplied by Plusnet it should update automatically. If not, you will need to log into the router, drop the connection, change the password and reconnect.

On the assumption that the email address password has been compromised, I strongly recommend that wherever you have used that email address / password combination as access credentials to services such as Amazon, Netflix, eBay etc., that you also change the passwords on those service as well.


Superusers are not staff, but they do have a direct line of communication into the business in order to raise issues, concerns and feedback from the community.