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Bounced e-mail between Plusnet subscribers

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Bounced e-mail between Plusnet subscribers

Again. It went away (temporarily), but came back. Like a boomerang.


Full e-mail NDR (with content and headers) available via PM (if anyone at PN towers is interested).


If only these niggly bits could be raised as a customer-initiated 'question'. CBA to try to phone call in the fault..

Going forward (a phrase I dislike) how could this work for a customer with no landline (as dictated by commercial plans) and no phobile moan (personal/consumer choice)? Personal/consumer choice is supposed to be one of the foundation stones of capitalism. Isn't it?

Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Bounced e-mail between Plusnet subscribers

Hi @greygit, sorry to see that's still a problem for you. Yes, I'm definitely interested, could you message those over to me please? 

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