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Archived emails and no way to contact customer services

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Archived emails and no way to contact customer services

I need my emails unarchiving but cannot get through to customer services at all as even the phone line is no longer an option.

Plusnet may want customers to be understanding of the current situation but they also need to be understanding of how customers lives are being affected as well, how some are receiving large emails (over 1mb) during lockdown that cannot immediately be deleted and are important, eg shielding letters, free school meals vouchers, etc and archiving means essential emails can no longer be accessed.

Also, I went through all folders to ensure total was below 1gb according to Squirrelmail yet plusnet claim it was over and archived - something somewhere in the system does not match up and the result is mailbox archived when not expected.

Please can you restore my mail asap and sort out which system is giving incorrect total for the size

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Re: Archived emails and no way to contact customer services


A warm welcome to the forums.  Given you are looking for help here, your new forum ID could have been something different!

You will have been receiving warning emails for weeks advising that the mail box usage was over 75% well before reaching 1GB.  Is there just one mailbox on the account?  If yes, did you seek to cull all of those which were listed in the warning emails?

Having 'deleted' emails, did you then empty the deleted items folder?

Did you check the content of the sent items folder?

Can you please clarify where in Squirrel Mail you found the folder sizes please?  I looked, but could not find that option (such is in to Round Cube webmail client).


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Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Archived emails and no way to contact customer services

Hi @SickofPN 

I've started the unarchive process for your emails.

The requests are processed in a batch, every 30 minutes. Please note it may take some time to restore the mail, especially if the mailbox was very large.


I hope this helps.

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 Harry Beesley