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Archived Emails

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Archived Emails

Hi there,

I have continuously received regular warnings that my mailbox is too high and shouldn't exceed 1gb. Each time, I routinely go to delete old emails hoping I have removed enough to leave space. Recently I received notification that I had exceed 1gb so I spent an hour deleting as many old messages as I thought necessary. Old emails are important for my business so I have to be selective. Again I had no way of knowing if I had cleared enough space. Then on Wednesday, I received a message to say that as I had been warned and done nothing about it, my mailbox had been archived. This wouldn't have been so bad had they been historical but it wiped out the majority of my new emails, some of which are crucial and still require a response. 


I therefore need my emails restoring immediately please and then perhaps some advice about how to keep email data to a minimum. Not being very techy, I have no idea how to store emails before deleting them from my mail box.


Quick help here woule be appreciated. Thank you.



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Re: Archived Emails

Swop to POP3 format, and then they're all saved to your local PC/ server; easy to back up too.
POP3 has an option to leave on ISP's server too.
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Re: Archived Emails

It does @Gel, you can say "leave it on the server".

The problem is, these days when you're trying to access your e-mail from multiple devices. You name it your computers (and most people have multiple ones) plus their phones.

If you only access your e-mail from one device (i.e. one computer), then that is fine.

My sysadmin friend gave me a telling off for using POP3 and told me to use Microsoft Exchange hosting. It costs approximately £60 per year. Got it working, but was a pain. Got it sorted in the end but it teaches me things.

I am sure people here will know. Changing MX records on your domain - good fun. 😀

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Re: Archived Emails

POP3 really is not the answer, it simply gives rise to more complications.  Like many things in life, taking self responsibility for things - such as expressly archiving old stuff, is a far better approach.  POP3 simply creates fragmentation, especially in respect of sent items.

Back to the quest of getting a restore and the process...

Email archiving

Plusnet has two email content archiving 'events'

  1. Exceeding the Fair Usage Policy (FUP): This is invoked when the sum of the contents of all of your email boxes exceeds the 1GB FUP allowance. Users will have received warning notices for several weeks, having exceeded 75% of the FUP. After 2 warnings of having exceeded 100% of the FUP, mailboxes are archived to bring the FUP utilisation down below 100%. The act of archiving emails is recorded in the user's ticket history - see the PN tickets link below - notification emails are sent to the contact email address, as specified by the user, under their contact preferences in the account details - it is imperative that this email address is monitored
  2. Mailbox not accessed for a while: After a period of not accessing a mailbox (it not being logged into) the contents are archived. An email is sent to that mailbox advising of the archiving action, after it has been archived. No record of the action is recorded in the ticket history

Archives are retained for 30 days. When making a request to unarchive emails, it is very helpful to inform staff which of the above archives appears to have been performed - it stops them looking for non-existent tickets! Try to raise a ticket here.  If that does not work, please post back here.


Superusers are not staff, but they do have a direct line of communication into the business in order to raise issues, concerns and feedback from the community.

Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Archived Emails

Hi @Duke1980, I can see that a colleague has already picked up this issue for you and a request sent off to unarchive the mail.

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 Lauren Barry
 Plusnet Help Team