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All emails disppeared

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All emails disppeared

Hi. I was working with my emails and went back to the inbox and everything had disappeard. All my old emails have gone from Inbox (but sent items and deleted items are still there).

I called support and the man was very helpful and requested a "de-archive" but then called back and said the request had been rejected. I don't know what that means but all I need is a restore of my mailbox to what it was at say, 9am this morning.

How do I ask for that?

Thanks for any help.

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Re: All emails disppeared

I had my emails archived in early January as I'd consistenty used too much space.  I rang them up and asked for a restore, which was agreed and should have been done within 72 hours.  After about four days nothing had happened so I added a query to the ticket asking when it would, only to be told it had not been requested properly and been rejected.  I provided further information and waited again.  Anyway a couple of days later the issue got closed without having been actioned.


I then phoned up again and requested the restore, and it was done within the day.

So - I'd suggest phoning up again and re-requesting it.  I trust you are still within the 30 day limit they give?




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Re: All emails disppeared

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Re: All emails disppeared


@PMSpindler , @arkay  - there is a dedicated 'sticky' post at the top of this board for all restoration requests - use it, and barring automation errors, your emails will be restored.

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Re: All emails disppeared


A warm welcome to the forums.

Before embarking on a request for a restore, I suggest that you first affirm that the mailbox is indeed empty.  You do not explicitly state, but I infer that you are using an email client on your PC in IMAP mode?

There are circumstances in which an IMAP client will get out of sync with the sever, giving the appearance that the mailbox is empty and it takes time to resync.  It is also possible that the mailbox is indeed empty ... but the sent and deleted folders have not resync'd on your PC.

There is a further possibility that you are using Outlook and it has got its IMAP folder structure confused.

Therefore in the first place, can you please check out the contents of the mailbox using - verify what is (or is not) in each folder.

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Re: All emails disppeared

Thanks very much. Plusnet have restored them now.