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552 rejection probably in error

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Registered: ‎22-05-2022

552 rejection probably in error

I sent an email yesterday that got sent back as undeliverable with the following error message:

552 MCMiqjhnUqd5lMCMkq2caw message rejected due to spam or virus.

reading some threads on this forum I noticed that this generally happens when your message contains a URL that is listed on your spam list.

my email had contained two attachments, one of which was a plain text file and this had five URL's in it. after testing them I narrowed it down to this one:

this is on the website of a newspaper, the Dundee Courier, and I suspect that does not need to be on your spam list. I got my email to go by inserting spaces to break the URL down into chunks so that your primitive software can't recognise it as a URL. that works, and I thought other folk might like to know.


take care