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552 Spam Message Rejected

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552 Spam Message Rejected


I am a business and have a number of clients who use for email. for some reason I am unable to send emails to them and get 552 NDR's everytime I try to send. 


if I forward the message from another email account it also rejects it if my original domain is in the message, could someone have a look to see if my domain has ended up on some naughty list somewhere. 









Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: 552 Spam Message Rejected

Welcome to our community forums @ESTATESPM, I'm sorry to hear you're having problems sending emails to some of your clients that are using our email service.


Apologies for the delayed response here in the forums, please could you send the following info over to

  • Subject “Third party email blocked by Plusnet spam filter”
  • Clarification that you cannot send email to Plusnet email addresses because the email gets reported as SPAM
  • Purpose of the email send and provide a sample of the mail sent.
  • Inclusion of errors contained within the NDR (Non Deliverable Report) emails.
  • Provide the sender address, subject line, recipient address and date/time in GMT/BST
  • Please send only one request and I'd expect this to be picked up within the next 5 working days (Although feel free to give us a nudge here if you're still having problems after this time)

It's possible you may receive the same NDR when trying to send this email over to, however if this does happen, I'd have to request you send this from an alternative email address (e.g a outlook/hotmail/gmail address etc.)


I hope this helps.

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 Harry Beesley