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x700se pci express ??????????????


x700se pci express ??????????????

do i need a power 12v power cable for this graphic card i was tolded that you had to connect a cable or one from the psu for pci express so is this graphics card JUST a pci card then

ps How do you know if the pci express is working i cannot see much diffrance between this and my old fx creative 5600 256mb card

my new cards is a powercolor pci express 256mb x700se

x700se pci express ??????????????

The difference between PCI-E and AGP is not really that big, you only start to see the difference when it is SLi vs AGP.

In the future PCI-E will probably show bigger difference in performance and PCI-E cards are cheaper than their AGP brothers because they are cheaper to make obviously. It may not show a distinct performance difference now but its far better technology on the whole and allows you to upgrade to cards that are not made on the AGP platform anymore.

It is the same with 2x / 4x and 8x AGP. The difference between 4 and 8 is very minimal and sometimes not even present. 2x to 8x is a large jump and so is 2x to 4x, but overall the difference is really not noticeable and its mainly the Graphics Cards specification you should be looking at and not what platform the card runs on.

Your better off on PCI-E even if you dont see the difference now, upgrading in the future will be a hell of a lot cheaper. Smiley