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wireless connection disconnecting

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wireless connection disconnecting

since xp sp install my connection keeps getting switched off i have to repair ( but not each time) i try to start browsing
pc is on all the time
any ideas as this is new problem

nb xp firewall and virus is off - :? i use zone alarm and avg :?
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wireless connection disconnecting

Make sure the Wireless card is not set to power off when idle.

Goto network connections, right click on your connection, click configure for the wireless device and click power management tab and untick any settings. Then apply/OK and see if that helps.

By sp, do you mean XP SP2?

ALso make sure you are using the most up to date drivers for your card - check the manufacturers website as they may have an SP2 compatible version. Also check their support website for info on SP2 conflicts/problems.

wireless connection disconnecting

Microsoft Q815485 added support for WPA-PSK to the Microsoft wireless settings. This allows you to set the WPA key in Windows rather than using the "driver UI" provided by the card manufacturer - although you still need to load the drivers for the card.

I found that when I did this it would never connect to the wireless network when I turned the PC on. I had to click the network icon in the system tray and "View available networks" - I could then simply click the "Connect" button and it would work. However, my existing driver used to connect automatically when the PC logged on. My network was listed in the "Preferred Networks" box and in the "Available networks".

I couldn't determine why XP wasn't automatically connecting so I have gone back to the "driver UI" rather than the Microsoft UI. You can do this by un-checking the "Let Windows manage this connection" (or similar words - I'm at work and not on an XP machine at the moment) on the wireless connection in the "Network Connections" - this should revert back to the manufacturer's mechanism for activating the card (which was presumably working before).

wireless connection disconnecting

try stopping the Wireless Zero Service once the connection has been made.

If this is the same thing that I have then Windows uses the Wireless Zero service to find and connect to the wireless network but you can then stop it.

Right click on My Computer click Manage and go to Services and Applications then Services. Right click on Wireless Zero Configuration and hit Stop.

It will restart when you reboot your computer so you have to do this every time you reboot. It doesn't seem to need doing if the machine is coming out of hibernation for some reason.

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wireless connection disconnecting

If you set the start-up mode to "manual", then the Wireless Zero Service won't start each time you boot-up.

I had exactly the same problem, this solved my problem. However, I had it with SP1 as well.