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wi-fi - HELP!!!


wi-fi - HELP!!!

Just got broadband and can connect through router no problem. But when I try to connect wi-fi with my laptop i feel like i'm hitting my head against a brick wall! Both router and wireless access point are Netgear - I have contacted their technical support without any luck - they told me to check out my card (that's actually ok). The set up leaflet is useless - all it says is configure it (well how exactly?) Can someone please explain to me how to configure? I'm not even sure which pc i'm supposed to be configuring - the desktop plugged into the router or the laptop or both - the manual assumes i'm an expert - and that i'm definitely not. HELP.......

wi-fi - HELP!!!

Assuming that you've got the accesspoint connected to the router.

Tell us more about what kind of setup you have on the PC that can connect through the router and I'm sure someone can help, i.e. are you using DHCP or static IPs, what range etc.

My router uses the 10.0.0.x range of IPs and my accesspoint was configured to 192.168.0.x. That might be your problem as well.

Easiest solution in my opinion is to get rid of DHCP and assign fixed IPs on the PCs / laptops.

Had a nightmare trying to get an ethernet printer to work over wi-fi. Stil no idea what the problem was but disconnecting the power on the printer and switching it back on seems to solve it.