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i keep getting a message saying "windows as detected spyware infection"? I have run both avg and adware alert, but not found anything. And internet explorer has disapeared? anyone any ideas, please.


Try this and you should get squeaky clean.

If you have a "Nasty" try this removal software - all free and preferably run in this order. (Please read the system restore info')

1.Obtain Stinger" and run it. Mcafee Stinger (1.1mb) then goto 2..

2. Avast quick virus cleaner, again this will remove quite a few viruses. See here for the list (376kb)

3 Then run Shredder Shredder (Stand alone version) (520kb)

4. Lavasoft Adaware: adaware personal, free (805kb)

5. XCLEANER FREE (948kb)
6. Then Spybot: Spybot (4.1mb) (Application to scan for spyware, adware, hijackers and other malicious software)
7. Download to DESKTOP DR WEB (3.2mb)
8. EWIDO, a very thorough (but slow) Antivirus etc is: Free Trial of Ewido, ( 6.1mb)( This is particularly good if your virus/trojan won't let you onto or run other antivirus software). Ewido is also compatible with other anti-virus programmes therefore it is possible to use it with say Avast.
Because it is a resource hog uncheck the box "run at start up" (or similar) during installation

9. Finally use "housecall" an online antivirus, spyware remover. (There are 2, one for virus and one for spyware. You should run both scans. )

System Restore
If the computer is really in bad shape, and if you can, use system restore to get back to a time when your computer was running OK and then run the programmes, (some nasties disable system restore or access to it) . The usual advice is to bear in mind that system restore will often restore the nasty at the next boot, so disable it, reboot and then disinfecting is advised. (Be aware that you cannot use system restore to get back to an earlier time once you have disabled it.) Once clean, enable system restore again.