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video transfer

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video transfer

Is it possible to transfer videos from my camcorder to my PC?

video transfer

Short answer: Yes
Long answer: How you go about transfering video from camcorder to PC depends on what kind of outputs your camcorder provides.
Most traditional camcorders only have RGB/Composite out which is used to connect to a TV/VCR, however there are add-on cards for the PC which will accept the same connections, and they usually come with the software to make the transfer.

It probably would be cheaper to buy a TV tuner card with VCR/Other in than a professional card, but if you don't already have a TV licence, you'll need one with such a card.

I've not used a TV card for over 7 years so I don't know whats hot and whats not, but some cards can be found here

If you have a digital camcorder it may have a FireWire port on it for high speed transfers and no additional software should be needed.