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unusual problem


unusual problem

hi guys
i got kind of a funnt thing going on my pc .this is the problem
1 day i turned on my pc and then i clicked on my computer to open it ,to my astonishment it took 3-5 minutes to open this window properly ,cause all it was doing was searching for the drives etc .finally it happened. but everytime i open it takes my 3 minutes and this is time consuming .

so i restored my pc to an earlier state ,it worked and everything was fine but after 3 daysthe problem started again .and i dont know what to do .can anyone advise ,any help would be appreciated .i dont know if its a virus or what

thanks :?: :?:

unusual problem

Do you have any mapped network drives? Removeable storage which you've not removed correctly (IE stopped the device before removing it) etc?
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unusual problem

I know its the classic answer , but have you tried Antivirus/Spyware Sweeps. Let Microsoft Spyware have a good blast throught the system.

Check there aren't any rogue programs running in the background as well!

If a system restore fixes the problem then it is a rogue application or somthing similar.
Post a message if you find anything....


thanks for the reply

thanks for the reply guys
i do have microsoft antivirus which is really good ,i recently discovered that there was some spyware present called search buddy ,i kept on deleting it but it kept on coming back again and again .so i emailed the company with a stinging email and they replied they sent me the unistaller and i think it worked for now ,but i will have to wait a few more days to see if the problem persists .

thanks Tongue



By the way does anyone know how to get rid off the rogue programmes running in the background .is there any specific software .
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unusual problem

To be honest I'm surprised that Microsoft AntiSpyware doesnt clear it, it usually does quite a good job.
Its also worth trying other Spyware programs AdAware ( it's free for Home use, and friends of mine rave about spybot. The good thing is that these all tend to find different spyware....besides it doesnt cost anything to give them all 1 quick run through the system.

It's also worth looking what programs are running to give you an Idea if anything is there that shouldnt be, you can look at several websites out there but I tend to compare them to is..(

Mark Wink
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unusual problem

....also with the MS Antispyware program make sure you put it on Maximum scan, it takes a good while longer but often finds things a quick scan doesnt.

M Wink

unusual problem

have you also tried to do a defrag, fagmentation can also slow down disks access times quite significantly if there is a lot of fragmentation.
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unusual problem

While you have the slow down, hit alt+ctrl+del, check the "processes" tab, and see if your cpu is being used excessively by a process.

If it is, then google the said process to find what it is. You could end this process to see if it stops the problem, but this won't remove the problem, because the process may well start it self again, and surely will run next time you boot.

It's interesting that a few of you have talked about the MS Antispy beta, because this was what was causing the same symptoms you are experiancing on my machine!
An uninstall of MS Antispy solved the problem!!! A reinstall of the MS Antispy then went fine without causing the problem to return!!!

Hope this helps! Wink

Yor best bet is to try the follwing

First Install a second set of AV and spyware removal (i usually use AVG and spybot, but 2 sets of apps will clear up most if not all rogues)
When fully installed (with all the updates) reboot the pc and before the windows screen appears press the "F8" key, this will bring up some options
Select safe mode

What this will do is run the pc with the minimum of drivers and programs, this is for 2 things
1) Any spyware that runs at startup will not be enabled - this means that spyware/av productas will have more chance of removing, because the spyware/virus wont disble or hide itself from the scan
2)It will run faster Smiley

Once all the av/spyware scans are complete the system should now be completely free of any nasty software

Another good thing to do at this point would be go into add/remove programs and clear out any junk that may be installed or have installed itself

If reboots are necessary, follow the F8 procedure again and continue uninstalling rubbish

Once that is done, there are other ways to speed up XP (if thats what you are using)
In the control panel there is a module called administrative tools, if you open that you will see a services icon.

What this is, is a list of the background operations in the PC, firstly i would like to say this is more advanced, so do not disable anything you are not sure of.

There is a very good list of items you can disable and there function here

The more you disable, the faster and more secure your pc will be, such as disabling the indexing service, the computer browser and server service if you are not on a network and so on

Again before trying this i recommend you read up on this, the benefits are their, but doing it wrong can kill your pc


Also right click on my computer, properties and click on the advanced tab, click on the performance settings button, click adavanced tab, click the change button, here we make sure the total page size is set to be the same as recommended, this saves the system using resources to change the size of this
Simply highlight a drive, click the custom size radio button, and in both boxes type in the value that is the recommended size (ie 766 in both boxes)

Again that will give you a small boost, especially when running larger programs.

Finally before returning to normal mode (reboot - dont press FCool now would be a good time to run a defrag

Looking at The hardware side of things is that when this occurs, do you have a cd/dvd in the drive? Is the cd/dvd player making a whirring noise? If so it could be a faulty cd/dvd in the drive, which the system cannot read, which is causing the delay, also scan your harddisk for errors with scan disk

Also, finally, as any good (and some rubbish techs) will tell you, always keep your drivers up to date (unless of course you install some drivers and the system behaves badly, then dont use them again)

Hope this helps