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system volume information folders


system volume information folders

Have bought an Acer laptop with 40gb drive and I want to put a programme called HyperOS on it (which , if not familiar, enables running of multiple Windows systems with quick back ups and deletions).

Trouble is the laptops XP home is now showing as taking an unacceptable 6gb of the disc and I need to get it down to copy to the HyperOS partitions.

There is no software on it and I have been told the only explanation is that there are too many backups in the System Restore. I did make a few while putting on SP2 as I had heard that this could be prone to problems.

Have also been told that I need to find and delete the System Volume Information Folders for the no longer needed restore points.

Can anyone tell me where to find these folders and is it simply a straight forward deletion process to get rid of them?

Thanks in advance.
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system volume information folders

The SVI folder is where the restore point data is stored.

Turn off system restore and the restore points will be deleted and the space recovered.

You cannot delete the SVI folders as the system will not allow you access to them.

To see them you need to configure windows to show hidden and system folders. You can do this via the folder options icon in control panel. Just click on the view tab within it and tick show hidden files and folders. Also you may want to untick hide protected and operating system files and hide extensions for known file types.

Also check the various temp folders for un-needed files and clear out your browser cache, cookies etc.

system volume information folders

Thanks, if just turning off system restore will get rid of them then that should be fine.

system volume information folders

Or just go into Control Panel -> System -> System Restore -> Settings and resize the system restore to size your happy with...

system volume information folders

Having done that I suggest you setup one system restore before you install hyperos.
When you install it you will have to repartion your drive and divided it into smaller partions. With Hyper you can have win98,xp os/2 nt do etc if you want so you need to plan what you are going to do before you start.

Hyper comes with Partition Magic for altering the partitions which can be a bit dodgy on ntfs with XP.