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spu speed

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spu speed

As I understand it i have 3 options for increasing the sped of the cpu BIOS, software program and motherboard settings. On my MB (Gigabyte) i have settings for clock ratio which goes from auto to *12 in increments of 0.5. The seetings for the CPU clock are 100,133,166. Mine is set at 100. How do I go about speeding up the processor?
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Re: spu speed

How do I go about speeding up the processor?

Usualy you can fiddle with the Multiplier value as its the clock rate multiplied by the value set in the BIOS of the multiplier figure that gives you the final speed.
i.e. 100meg clock x 10 multiplier = 1000meg or 1 gig speed

However if I remember correctly a lot of CPU's are now locked at manufacture and adjustment may not be possible.

spu speed

Gigabyte provide a free util for doing this via software and it lets you change setting on the fly so you can see the effects before screwing up the board with any hardware fixes.

get it from
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spu speed

As John states, most CPUs now are clock/multiplier locked so changing the multiplier (both in hardware and software) will make no difference. The only way to make things faster is to overclock the FSB (Front side bus). This can often be changed in the BIOS or via software tools.

WARNING: over clocking can be dangerous and can result in your processor failing if you over clock too much. So if you are prepared to replace your processor then go ahead.