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I've been struggling with a problem on one of my pcs for about a week now. Xoftspy says its found "smitfraud", but it doesn't get rid of it. AVG7 doesn't find it at all, nor do either Spybot or Adaware. I looked on the web for smitfraud and found something else that claimed to be able to deal with smitfraud, but when I downloaded it, it was XoftspySE (the same people but slightly different name. To get it to deal with "smitty", I would have to pay over the net, but if that is the case, could "smitty" read my payment details and pass that on to whoever put "smitty" on my machine?

I contacted Xoftspy early in this saga and they sent me a process that would remove "smitty". It didn't. Xoftspy still finds it.

Question - does smitfraud send stuff across the web without my knowledge? I have Zone Alarm, so would have expected it to question any transmissions. Could smitty be sending e-mails without me knowing? Last night I tried sending an e-mail with a 5Meg attachment - it stuck in the Outbox. If I deleted it, and sent a small e-mail, it went (slowly). Late last night I got an e-mail from Plusnet saying I'd used my normal capacity and was being charged for another 1G - hence my wondering if smitty is doing something on the net without me knowing.

Any suggestions please.
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I have no direct experience of this one, but there's a page at:

that looks as though it might help.

You could also try the nice people at:



download spybot which has this signature and ways to remove it from


Scmhit Fraud...

I have just had to remove this from my Father's computer, and it really is a pain. Neither Spybot, NoAdware or NOD32 could do anything to stop in re-propigating. The link to the bleepingcomputer site in the above post is the one to go for. Follow the instructions, and it will be removed in about 10 mintues. It does send information across the internet, using processes known as ishost.exe, ismini.exe, isnotify.exe and possibly others. It brings up pop-ups and alerts to try and get you to pay for removal software. Use the fix on the bleeping computer site, and all is well. Just remember to run it in safe most for best removal.

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Spybot 1.4 with the latest updates should remove it,takes out most of it on first running,then runs again after a reboot to get the rest.