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self hosted email server - ip range blocking


self hosted email server - ip range blocking

I use smtp end to end delivery for my email using David Harris' Mercury mailserver software.
This works fine, except that I have experienced two problems recently.
Email that I have sent to two recipients has been rejected by their servers on the basis that my IP address is a dynamic one. This is obviously an anti-spam measure by these organisations.
I know that technically my 'static' ip address is within a dynamic range.
Has anyone else experience this problem? If so, do you have a solution?

Sorry, I think I've posted this in the wrong forum. Can a moderator move this to the Everything Internet' forum?

self hosted email server - ip range blocking

If you have requested a static IP then your IP is static.

If you have a URL in your bounce message that says the IP is blacklisted at,, etc you can contact them, stating that you have recently aquired your IP address and it is a static address. If this gets you nowhere, you could try raising a ticket asking PNet to contact the blacklister on your behalf to confirm it is a static IP address.

I'm not famlilar with the SMTP server you are using but it may be possible to tell the software to send all mail through which should solve the problem.

Andrew D Wiles

self hosted email server - ip range blocking

Thanks Andrew, but technically that isn't correct. My address, which is 80.229.x.x is part of a range allocated to PlusNet. I was advised by PlusNet when I signed up that whilst the address would appear static, what was happening was that I was simply being allocated the same address.
Take a look at for a reverse ip search. Put your own ip address instead of the x's.
Also take a look at this email blacklist (one of a few I have come across). You will see that the range including my 'static' address and possibly your own, is included in that range:
Organisations using blacklists like this are rejecting email coming from home based email servers like mine. I have tried to request removal from the list, but have had no success.
However your idea of relaying the outgoing email through is a good one. Thanks for that

self hosted email server - ip range blocking

OK - I am having this issue - My IP is on ther MAPS DUL list - and mails to certain domains are being blocked because of dynamic IP.

I have relayed mails through the PN relay to the problem domains but a couple of these won't accept relayed mail either. Have you come across this or got a more positive outcome from PN?