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restore option in xp


restore option in xp

hi wondering if anyone can help me.
my computer is really slow have done virus checking /spyware/adawre checks nothing untowards has appeared , decided to do system restore ,every time and date chosen error appears restore not succseful same result when tried in safe mode thanks in advance

Replying Re: slowing down Ivan

Hello paddybarrett,

OK please can you give a little bit more information about your problem? what version of windows are you using, secondly when using the system restore feature what kind of restore are you using? 1) in XP the ASR automated system restore set (inc floppy disk), 2) a file backup such as a full or complete backup or daily backup. 3) backup onto an external drive or source 4) XP system restore feature.

**Have you added or removed any software prorgrams or tools or added any new hardware recently before you noticed your system slowing down?

**Downloaded any recent windows updates or service packs?

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