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re: no usb's


re: no usb's

hi there

i seem to have a problem with my usb ports. the computer had a seroius problem which sorted itself out but what ever i connect to the usb ports they dont seem to connect to the computerHuh i dont get any icon about new hardware. i am quite new to computers so can the jargon speak be kept to a minimum??

thanks in advance
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re: no usb's

It depends on what the serious problem was as to how you go about fixing this, windows rarely sorts itself out after a major crash to the point of being how it was before and a complete reinstall of windows may be necessary

If you go to control panel / system / device manager are your usb ports or the port controller still listed ?

what was the problem your pc had and are you getting any error messages ?
Which version of windows are you using ?

As much info as you can provide would be useful to try and sort out your problem