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problems with building computer!


problems with building computer!

Hello all,

just wondering if anyone could give me a small bit of help diagnosing a problem?

i've never actually build a computer from scratch but near enough. i've got a p4 650 and asrock motherboard with 1gb of ddr2 ram and a geforce 6600gt.

problem is when i press the power button the fans spin up but nothing else happens. no bleeps, nothing. tried with external graphics card and on board.

what's most likely at fault? i suspect the motherboard but i'm not sure and don't have the ability to test all of the components.

thanks for any help!
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problems with building computer!

Apologies for asking a silly question but did you plug in the 4 pin 12v connector to the motherboard

problems with building computer!

As hotlane suggested, that is most likely the problem. Also make sure the speaker plug is on the right jumpers, just incase it is bleeping but you cant hear it.

problems with building computer!

do the hard drives spin ok if so then the PSU is ok.

Check the cables
Check the cpu is in right and the fan is pluged in as some wont start if the fan doesnt spin.
Remove all cards modems/sound cards and try.
Check the ram is in the right slot.
if all that fails you probaly have a short on the board some were remove the mB and place it on a cardboard box make sure it cant short and try it out of the pc

problems with building computer!

lol... i'm honestly not that daft. i took a gamble and swapped the psu and it decided to boot up. swapped the psu back and hey - doesn't work. looks like its a DOA so back to dabs.......

thanks for your help everyone.