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problem with epson printer lockup??


problem with epson printer lockup??

put none epson ink cartridges into my epson r300 and the box came up saying "non epson cartridge, press stop or continue" or something of the sort. I did not press continue but one of the other options and my printer has locked up, anyone no how to get it to print again, please

problem with epson printer lockup??

define locked up?

You should be able to remove the inks put the old ones back then put the new ones in and choose continue this time

problem with epson printer lockup??

had this prob with my ex fatherinlaws the other day

go into your print que and delete all the prints in there
that havent printed
his was full from that same prob cos he clicked something else
then hopefully it will start printing next time you send to print but you have
to print continue when you get the 'not genuine box'

i have been trying to get a work round to get rid of the warning
but no luck so far

anybody out there got anyway of getting rid of warning??

good luck m8

Rob Cool

problem with epson printer lockup??

I have some ink cartidges from inkandstuff which had chips in them were not identified as non-epson, not sure if what they supply now still work the same as I do note they have changed cosmetically at least but havnt purchased any new ones as I refill. They also supply a continuous feed system which I have got to work but it is a pain, these chips are self resetting. Another problem with the R300 is after a time it locks up saying you have to return to Epson for maintenance. The pad which absorbes the outragous amount of ink used to clean heads etc is nearly saturated. Cure - fish out a small pipe at the back of the machine and put in a small bottle and then reset the counter on the fron panel. saveing £60 (which is ot worth it as the printer costs £90now). Full instructions on net pages found by Google.

problem with epson printer lockup??

OK cracked the problem with lockup when using non epson cartrdges.

1 Control Panel
2 Printer & Faxes
3 Right click properties
4 Printer preferences
5 Manitainance
6 Speed and progress
7 Tick - Disable Staus Monitor.