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outlook express / incredimail


outlook express / incredimail

Hi all, can anybody tell me how i can make outlook express my default email program.. i have tried to change settings in TOOLS/OPTIONS by choosing to make it default but it will not keep settings. I had recently installed INCREDIMAIL which was my default program and have now uninstalled it but am left with the above problem..Please could somebody help Sad



outlook express / incredimail

Goto Internet options.

Via control pannel, Right click on the IE icon on the desktop, or tools->options in IE.

Goto the "Programs" tab, and make sure OE is set there.

It may also help to goto "Add/remove programs" in the control panel, and use the "Internet explorer" uninstall feature. During this, it gives you the optiosn to add new components, repair a damaged install or uninstall. Choose repair.