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outlook express crashes again


outlook express crashes again

This is the second time this has happened to me.

Outlook express just stalls on the start up screen. How I fixed before and again this time is to do a search for all the .dbx files on my computer and copy them in a folder in my documents.

This enables me to then open outlook express but of course my saved emails are gone. When I try and copy the folders back into OE it won't work so as always happens I have lost some important emails.

They are still there as .dbx folders in my documents but I just can't open them. Please could someone help me out as I am fed up with this. I assume one of the emails I saved must be corrupt or have virus? :?
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outlook express crashes again

Try a google for 'recover outlook express dbx files'.

There are plenty of paid for and shareware apps around that should help.
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Re: outlook express crashes again

I stopped using Outlook express ,went over to using Incredimail which is free and alot of fun to use have a look at
loads of downloads /backgrounds /tunes which are free and if you want more there some more to purchase but you dont need to as theres load of free ones .