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nvidia driver update ?

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nvidia driver update ?

Just wondering if anyone knows if nvidia have stopped doing updates for xp now that vista has been released. The latest driver on their site is 2nd nov 2006. Yes that's correct Nov 2006. Nearly 5 months old ?
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Re: nvidia driver update ?

Highly unlikely, Vista has only just been released and XP wll be about for a good few years yet!

[I read soemwhere last night that game manufacturers were planning to port games over to dx10 over a 5 year period, so nothing to worry about nvidia dropping XP for a whle yet..]

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nvidia driver update ?

nvidia are just concentrating on getting a decent vista driver at the minute
there's an unofficial beta of forceware 100.87 for xp about at the moment, so they're still working on xp but not as much resources will spent on xp since they have stable mature drivers for it. Just dont expect as many releases for xp untill vista is sorted
you can get forceware 97.02 which is an official driver but not WHQL (so not on the nvidia website), you can get it at, i recommend the ngo optimized version