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norton ghost help please :(


norton ghost help please :(

hi all.

justa minor stickler

my norton ghost has begun saying unable to find next span when re imaging over the network.

the image i created works fine if i put the HDD in the pc and image that way

this happens with my games machines and browsing machines images so not a image prob

The image is found on a mapped driver and the entire network is on dhcp

the network setup is as follows (from outside in)

cisco 1800 switch for dual adsl, DNS and DHCP
24 port switches linked to give 48 ports. these are managed

downstairs has around 12 pc's there are some hubs but they are non managed

upstairs 23 machines linked directly downstairs via cat5


2x server 2003 machines with AD etc stripped out on the work group as file stores only

This used to work flawlessly on my 80GB games and 4 gig internet image. seemingly when i recreated dhcp on the server it stopped working. however this machine is now no longer a dhcp server.

any ideas as to whats wrong?

we are using ghost 2003, win xp pro to image. ghost picks up the network drivers for the games machines. for the internet ive specified the correct NDis one

i should add that this fails on the first span every time. I.E when it tries to hand over to the second one

norton ghost help please :(

It is a bit funny on spanned images doesnt it give you the option to find it when it stops? How are you connecting to the drive? You can try differnet methods to see if it fixs it. Try maping the drive so you load it from drive ? try conecting via a share. Try connecting as a unc path.

If you have a server why not just use RIS its a lot better. Acronis is the best method for imaging now being a lot faster than ghost and more features. You can boot acronis start a restore and boot into the o/s while its loading the rest of the image and if you say select word it will pull that off the image first