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new laptop

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new laptop

Im thinking of investing in a new laptop.

Here's what I need (as in non optional)-
Nipple pointer (NOT a touchpad)
XPPro, full legit version
Built in ethernet, usb 2
minimum 15" screen, not wide
robustness, to last me the next 4 years.
low a price as possible!
512mb minimum (can sort this myself if needed)

Here's what would be nice -
wireless networking and or blutooth
dvd reader or writer
good battery life

Dont care about disk size, colour, weight, make, software or warrenty.

Most of this stuff is fine, however finding one with a nipple pointer is difficult.

Ive got a toshiba at the moment, but they dont seem to use them any more, instead moving to the horrific touchpad thing. I'm so against touchpads that if it wasn't for the fact that my screens not working properly on my current one, I'd be looking at getting another year out of it's 800mhz overworked processor.

Anyone point me in the direction of what I need?

new laptop

the new thinkpads would probably suit your needs just fine (they have nibble pointers iirc)

try the lenovo thinkpad R50e