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network + internet sharing


network + internet sharing

ok, im planning to hook up my current pc to my old one which is in another room, i want this second pc to share my internet connection, i will connect to the internet via a single port router. ive drawn a diagram(below) of what i want to do hardware wise, will this work?, i want to avoid using a hub as i wont be adding any other pcs in the future and i dont want to spend 50quid if i dont have to. Also once ive connected it all up etc how do i go about setting up the network through windows? and internet sharing. both pcs will be running xp pro.


if anyone can give me nice simple answers to these questions it would be great.

thanks. Cheesy

Erm, kinda iffy

Theoretically, it could work, you could bridge the connections, and it could work. However, it could decide not to work easily, and a degree in networking would be helpful.

If you decide to do it that way, put SP2 on BOTH computers first, as I have heard that Microsoft have changed their structure for things like that (a supposed slight improvement).

However, with that setting, the main computer MUST be on in order for the other computer to access the internet.

I would advise that you just shell out for a 4 port hub, have a look at, they cost next to nothing, you will be surprised. That way your computers connect to the internet individually through the hub

Whichever you decide, Good Luck.

network + internet sharing

Or just buy a hub and put it after the router should cost about £10. If the modem does NAT.
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network + internet sharing

What make/model router are you using?

Simple hubs don't cost £50, I got a 8 port 10/100 switching hub for £11.75 from watford electronics. Even a simple 10Mb Ethernet 4 port hub will do.

Using a hub is much much simpler and means you don't have to have PC1 on for PC2 to access the internet, IPs and other info can be assigned automatically to both PCs and using ICS (internet connection sharing) can be very problematic.

Just unplug the Ethernet cable on PC1, plug it into the hub, connect both PCs using 2 other Ethernet cables to the hub, setup PC2 to obtain IP address automatically and your done.

network + internet sharing

Cheers for the ideas guys, im dropping the xover cable idea, im gonna buy a D-Link DSL-504T, does everything i need in one unit, internet and network. anyone wanna buy a single port router?, lol Tongue