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network connections alert


network connections alert

I've been using adsl for about two months, but just this last week I keep getting the alert below popping up every few minutes when I'm browsing. I cancel it and then carry on browsing as normal with no loss of service, but it's annoying to get the alert when nothing seems to be wrong.

Any ideas what's causing it and how I can get rid of it?

I'm using XP Home and an adsl router.



network connections alert

I assume you used to have a adsl dial up? Something is trying to connect to the net using the old dial up properties.

Tye simple fix is to delete the old dial up or failing that make sure IE is set to never dial a connection

network connections alert

Could be one of the old "dial up" porn programmes has sneaked on to your machine. They do not realise you are already on line and look for whatever dialup you have active.
Go to task manager (ctrl-alt-del) and see whatt is running. End the process of anything that looks iffy and see if it goes away.
If you isolate the process this way (make 100% sure it is), then take a note of the programme and delete off your drive.
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network connections alert

Or download spybot search & destroy or Adaware and scan for malware/spyware if setting IE to never dial a connection does not solve it.

Also XP's task manager does not give much info so try TaskInfo 2003 so you can get the description and other details like location of app.