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network and email requirements


network and email requirements

I wonder inf anyone can help:

A memeber of my family has just purchased a company (of which i am now a shareholder) and they have not had any decent IT spend and are in need of some TLC in that department (currently on dial-in etc...)

What i really need to know is if there is an easy way to set up the following and any options / ideas on how i can do this as someone who has built various PC's and built very small networks:

Network approx 10-15 machines with all having access to shared hard drives (guess on a server someplace)
Also manage logon details for the various users and tie this in with email for them all - (currently they use hotmail or one 'work' email account that they all have access to) Evil
They have purchased a website but i need to do some more investigation into the situation with using the company who this is registered with for the email.
Email needs to be setup - is it possible to do this so that internal emails stay internal so that they are not affected by an external connection
And finally i guess the most important area is the security (firewall and Antivirus) - are there any easy ways to get this all set up with minimal effort.

I guess the key issues for this setup will be that there is no dedicated IT guy to take charge of this so updates will be relatively infrequent unless they can be automated or done remotely - and also cost is a big factor.

I would appreciate any help - direction anyone can provide with this ... and i know most of it is a little vague :?

Cheers - Chris

network and email requirements

to answer this we need to know your budget. MS small biz server would do most of what you want you would then use Exchange for your emails etc. But everything comes down to money. What are the pcs runing now and how old are they.

At the end of the day you will have to get someone in to set it up for you as the initial setup would be complex and not for a ham to do.

network and email requirements

by all standards the pc's are knackered - they are running 95 (think about 3) and one is running 98 ... and these are shared by quite a few people - there are also possibly a couple of laptops around (we are not sure if they are personal ones at the moment) which are both running 2000 i think.

So how much effort or background knowledge would you need to set this up as you described with ms small biz svr?

As for budget - at the moment it hasnt even been decided - we are still looking for ballpark figures - i know it is a little lazy but you dont know rough estimates for the following costs allowing for approx 8-10 machines:

small biz svr (software and licenses):
Some form of decent AV software and license costs:
Exchange cost +licenses:

I guess the final thing to think about will be the servers? what do you feel would be required to cope with the rough outline above?

Thanks for all your help,

network and email requirements

hi, i think if u want SBS (Small Business Server), you r going to have to get someone with some experience to do it as it ain't that easy (and i've tryed)....even some IT techs i know find it hard at times, and SBS + exchange is expensive, not sure how much but i think ur talking thousands. As for the server, i don't think you need that much for 15 users, under 1Ghz anyway.


network and email requirements

Wow! I'm surprised there aren't a whole host of replies saying Linux!

Any standard distribution will come with most, if not all the software you'd need (and more besides). (You might need to look around for a separate anti-virus system -- a Google search revealed a good number of suitable products.)

As for the rest, the distribution will include samba which can do file and print sharing and act as a Windows Domain Controller; sendmail and other mail products for the mail, the apache web server, etc, etc.

Cost: a few tens of pounds for a Linux distribution; use it on as many servers as you like. Licence costs: £0.

Installation: Contact your local Linux User Group: You'll probably find a few people who would gladly install and configure it for you (one weekend maybe, or during the evening), and who would do it for next to nothing, just to see MS deprived of a licence. If you prefer a more "regular" support and maintenance arrangement, they might be able to give suggestions.

network and email requirements

A very rough price for pc's recon £500 each for a server £1000 for MS small biz server min £1200.

On top of that you want the software for the pc's like office etc. You will need to back up and the tapes are £50 each. You may need switchs cabling new printers print servers.

I wouldnt think you will see much change out of £20,000. I would tend to forget Exchange and use pop3 like +net as its one less thing to go wrong if you have no one who can runn Exchange. On top of all this there is the hidden cost if they are running 95 and you change them to XP you may need a lot of training especialy if they have never had a network before.

You could cut the cost by just buying 2 windows 2003 servers and run terminal server on them as then you could use the old pcs as they act as a dumb terminal and everything runs on the terminal servers very fast and all your backups are in one place.

You have a lot to think about and you havent said what sort of company it is which may effect your needs if they need SQL or powerfull graphic pc.

I you want more info you can email me to save filling the forum