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network adapters


network adapters

Can anyone help, please ?

In my system properties \ device manager, I've got 5 network adapters listed. These are

1: Dial up adapter - working ok

2: Microsoft PPP over ATM adapter - working ok

3: Microsoft PPP over ATM adapter - disabled

4: Microsoft PPP over ATM adapter - problem, couldn't load device driver (code2)

5: Turbocomm ADSL USB modem - working ok.

I am assuming that no. 1 relates to my 56k modem and no.5 to my adsl modem. But what are the other 3? and is it safe to delete the ones that are not working, or should they be working. The driver file details for them appear to be different in each case.

ps. what exactly is a network adapter anyway, :?

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network adapters

I think you are correct in your assumption with No's 1 and 5.
I suspect that No2 is also connected with your ADSL modem or some machines do ship with a network card so it may be that. I would leave that one.
3 and 4 though are disabled and not working so you could remove those as they are doing nothing anyway.

A Network Adapter is a devise that connects your computer to a "Network" either the Internet which is a global network or a LAN (Local Area Network) which may consist of two or three computers in your own home or office.

network adapters

Thanks for the help John.