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netgear dg632


netgear dg632

I've just but a netgear dg632 to replace the voyager 105.

I want to know how to monitor SNR, attenuation etc. Anybody out there know?



netgear dg632

The DG632 does not give line stats, though you can get them by telneting into it as below, if you have just bought it change it for the DG834 which is a much better router anyway, and gives line stats easily.

The router is really running linux internally so you just have to get into it and examine the relevent file:
- point a web browser at http://router's internal IP/cgi-bin/webcm?todo=debug (you'll get a message saying debug is enabled)
- telnet to the router's internal IP on the standard port (23)
- The password is the same as the one you use to login to the web admin stuff (just the password, ignore the username)
- you are now in a linux shell, best not to fiddle with anything really, but to see line stats run the following command:
cat /proc/avalanche/avsar_modem_stats

Not certain what else enabling debug might be doing, so probably best to reboot the router after you check the stats to put it back in 'normal mode'