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motherboard help


motherboard help

got the case and psu looking to put a motherboard in i have been looking at the ( asrock 939duel sata2 as it has agp and pci /16

The case
themaltake black soprano case
Ezcool 600w

going to use agp cannot aford pci at this time my agp card is a ( sound blaster fx 5600 256mb )
need a duel motherboard i play games so is there any m/b that will be better than asrock .
getting amd 64 3500 venice and 1 gb of duel channel ram
please help

motherboard help

If you want the possibility to upgrade to PCI-E in the future while using AGP at the moment then I believe your only option is the Asrock board, there are others but you either have to import them or they are not as good.

The case will be fine, but I suggest one of the below CPUs instead of the Venice. If you can spare a bit of money you would be best with one with 1MB Cache. You could either buy a Dual Core which I personally do not rate, or an Opteron designed for Socket 939.

For example:

Or this one which is alot cheaper, best way to go is with one of these at the moment.

I believe the power supply is good but if you can purchase a Seasonic power supply instead then I would get one of those as they are excellent. Make sure you get Branded memory, such as Kingston Value or something similar, try not to buy unbranded memory as sometimes it can cause issues.

Hope this helps.

motherboards 64 cpu

thanks phearfactor

amd opteron 146 is this better than 3500 for games
athlon 64 3500 venice is this no good for games

motherboard help

Oh no dont get me wrong the Venice is pretty much the same as an Opteron apart from the cache.

Looking at the prices now you would probably be better off with a Venice as the clock speed will probably make up for the lower cache.

Sorry about confusing you Shocked
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motherboard help

As I understand it a nice aspect of the Asrock is that you can use an AGP card and a PCI-E card simultaneously for multiple displays! Wink
...and if that isn't enough they reckon you can upgrade to 940pin devices although I don't really understand how that works!