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linux compatible wireless adapter.. and more.


linux compatible wireless adapter.. and more.

does anyone out there know of a wiress adapter (pci, usb or wahtever) that will work with linux? :?: (btw i have a nic inside box if thats relevant?)
I am planning a wireless network and this is a crucial factor. i had figured on a netgear adsl modem/router/wireless access point all in one jobbie, but wont buy if i cant get my linux box on the network!

any suggestions gratefully recieved.

on another note, as i want my linux box to act as a web server, would i need to have a fixed ip, domain or not? also, if i have fixed ip, how does this affect my laptop that will also require web access?

many thanks in advance.

linux compatible wireless adapter.. and more.

The router doesnt have any effect on Linux as it can be used by any O/S. What you do need is the wireless cards with Linux drivers and you are away.

You need a fix ip for any server or people cant find you. You simple forward port 80 to the web server. You can use other pc with no problems you can have linux ,xp win98,OS/2(theres a blast from the past)

one more thing then...

Thanks mrwright, looks like i can be reasonably confident in getting this idea going.

But.. this leaves me with the linux driver. I would prefer to use netgear equipment (as they seem to have good reviews on this forum and other places) but their web site makes no reference to linux drivers, does this mean i cant use their pci card on the red hat box? or does anyone know of a place where a linux driver for wireless adapter cards exist? (im new to linux as you can probably guess! Shockedops: ).

ps. OS/2 whats that?


linux compatible wireless adapter.. and more.

Wireless networking is still in its infancy on Linux.

I don't know about Netgear stuff, but I do have an RT2400 based card. The chipset manufacturer provide drivers on their website so I thought everything would be okay.

It does work occasionally, but I have not spotted a pattern yet. It usually involves shutting down and starting up the interface a few times. Sometimes I just can't get it working at all. Very frustrating. And it does have a tendency to cause kernel panics. Not recomended overall!

--> Stephen
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linux compatible wireless adapter.. and more.

What version of linux are you running? Maybe someone here already has wireless working for that product and can say what they use.

There are two options as I see it:

1 - Check the hardware compatibility lists for the version of Linix you are using and chose a USB or PCI wireless adapter. There should be info on the linux suppliers website for each Linux version released (also see details further down this post).

2 - If the above post holds true for other wireless adaptors you could use the more expensive wireless access point (WAP) method. This requires a standard Lan card fitted to your PC which then connects via Ethernet to a local WAP which in turn connects to the wireless router connected to your broardband link.

While a lot of hardware suppliers are starting to including drivers for Linux, in the majority of cases the drivers have been written by Linux enthusiasts so you may not see Linux refs on hardware suppliers web sites but their cards may still actually work. You need to do a bit of investigation.

You may find it helpful to do a search on Google for 'wireless linux'. I found the following which may be of interest but there are many more:

Wireless LAN resources for Linux. It is a bit old and Linux 2.6 kernel has a lot more wireless support but may be relevant to your Linux version. contains a lot of info related to supported products and current developments. On that website there is link to the current list of hardware supported at the bottom of the main page.


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