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linux & ADSL for the slow


linux & ADSL for the slow

I have just started using linux (Redhat ver9) and i'm having a few difficulties, i'm trying to set up my shiny new ADSL modem (Binatone 500). I can't seem to get my head around what i'm supposed to do or how to even start. The modem is connected via USB and the installation cd actuallys states that it has redhat drivers, i just don't know how to set it up... or even how to start the process, all the faq's and so on seem to be going straight over my head and assuming a level of knowledge i just don't have.

any advice appreaciated


linux & ADSL for the slow

You won't currently be able to use your modem with Red Hat, or any other distribution. Red Hat will probably identify the modem correctly as a Globespan chipset but it is unable to work with it.

This project may help you:

Buy yourself a router, they're more fun anyway!