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linkseys router/wireless WAG354g


linkseys router/wireless WAG354g

been having some problems with it for awhile now

it would randomly split up the internet like my brothers IE wudnt work and mine wud and his msn would work and mine would it like splits up the access to the internet a soft reboot would fix it but it does it alot same with VOIP selected servers wow and half-life games proberly others but dnt explore jst reboot and its fine

been having some loss problems also like 20/30loss and normal ping then id reboot it and it would be fine iv had some problems were i get around 50/60loss and cant connect to anything, well can and then it would timeout and id give up and turn it off till the next day because it would on and off say its detecting my adsl line and even then it would take a few reboots for it to connect.
its random iv contacted plusnet when it was having the 50+ loss and they claimed nothing was wrong with my line + exchange. first time it happend it was around 1am and thought it was some downtime and didnt think anything of it.

its ok most of the time for the loss issue but just wondering if anyone else knows these issues with this hardwear.

thanx dave
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linkseys router/wireless WAG354g

I decided to get a WAG54GS a couple of months ago when my previous router's power supply broke... and I've found it to be a pile of rubbish. I'm afraid I can't offer any troubleshooting tips, but I can at least provide you some empathy!



was just curious if other ppl experienced the problems or at least the one that splits the internet up randomly im sure theres a trigger but dont know what it is

linkseys router/wireless WAG354g

My WAG354G works fine. I have also 2 friends using it and they are very happy. Even the internal antenna is surprisingly efficient. All rooms in my house are wifi covered. What is your firmware release ? The initial one was 1.01.03. The current available release is 1.01.05. It corrects the following things :

Firmware Version 1.01.05
- Fixed and updated help pages and other problems with web GUI
- Fixed problem with LAN receiving WAN PADI packet
- Fixed problems with SNMP
- Fixed problems with Management password set to blank
- Fixed problems with QoS input values
- Fixed problems with VPN under Manual mode
- Fixed problems with MTU not accepting some values in manual mode
- Fixed problems with different messages showing when PPP disconnected for
- Fixed problems with selecting some time zones

Linksys advises to do an upgrade only if the router does not work perfectly. Read help before upgrading. Firmware for this router can be found here :

Good luck


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settings for wag354g?


I have just got myself wag354g to replace my old speedtouch. I am stuck at setting it up since it seems to have a lot of options ... more than my old speedtouch. I only needed to enter my username and password to have my speedtouch working with plusnet.

I have not a clue what values do i need in the rest of the fields with this router/modem.
e.g. VPI, VCI? RFC 1483 Bridged? PPPoA ... the one we need I think.

Is it possible that you could share the basic connection settings that we need for this router to work with plustnet?

linkseys router/wireless WAG354g

On page setup :

Encapsulation : RFC 2364 PPPoA
Multiplexing : VC
Qos Type : UBR
Pcr rate : 0
Scr rate : 0
Autodetect : Disable
Virtual Circuit : 0 (VPI) 38 (VCI)

PPoA settings :
User name :
Password : *****
Connect on Demand Max idle time [unselected]
Keep alive [selected] : 20s

Size : 1492 (I am sure some people will question that)

Local DHCP : Enable

On page Wireless / Basic wireless settings :

Wireless Network Mode : Mixed
Wireless Network Name : this name is free, I use my initials followed by net (bznet)
Wireless SSID Broadcast : Enable

On Page Wireless / Security :

Security Mode : WEP (you have the choice of high level security. I prefer average level, not to impact too much on performances)
Default Transmit Key : 1, 2 3 or 4 (you choose, but then you may have to specify this in the client)
WEP encription : 64 bits 10 hex digits
Passphrase : anything you like and click on generate

For other pages you can keep most of the settings. You may have to go to the Applications & Gaming page for ports forwarding for some applications such as Wengo, Emule or azureus.
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linkseys router/wireless WAG354g

Thanks for the quick reply. Great. Thank you.