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home network


home network

hi all, i have installed a home network with my comp and the wifes. Mines is connected direct to the net, hers is joined to mine and connects to the net via mine. However i wondered if a server would be a better idea, also by networking like this, is it causing my online gaming to start lagging? the reason i ask is because i aprtial to the odd game of SOF2 and recently i have had bad lag since i installed it on my new machine

home network


Are you on broadband? if so

Do you have a Modem/Router or USB?

If you have the former its quite simple you only need a four port hub (£30)

One port each for Router, your computer and the wifes.

A server is not necessary, at this moment I am connecting through a Zoom X3, and I have a server on my network, but this is not switched on.

If not on broadband the above advice does not apply


home network


each pc has a pci adsl card only, i have rj45 cable to a bridged network connection via crossover switch, both pc's are exact same spec

home network

further info

you will need some form of server you do what you want with present pci.

I think you will find it much cheaper to go the router route I.E. replace your pci with a router/modem that has two or more ports, or as I have, router with one RJ45 and a hub or switch.

If you already had a reduntant copmputer to use as a server, you would still need a hub/switch to connect both machines to the net either seperately or together. to use the server you would have to replace the two adsl card with network cards and put one adsl card and one network card in the server


home network

It strongly sounds like you have conflicting information.

In the first post, you note the computers are connected together. Yours acts as a bridge, so your wifes system can use the net.

In this method, you allready have network cards installed.

ICS (Internet connection sharing) is a bridge system, designed so that computers can access the internet, by stepping through another system.

So in essance, your system is currenly a router/server.

As advised, I would use the router method, rather than using a new computer to act as a dedicated router/server.

However, this may not tackle the issue of lag at all.

lag is caused by multiple things, but they usualy boil down to one of three catagories, from which multiple other reasons and ways to connect one or more of the below reason together:

1: The system you are connecting is slow or bogged down with traffic.

2: The data path between yourself and the system you are connecting too, is having traffic loss.

3: Your own connection is bogged down, leaving little traffic space for you to use.

So if you wifes system is in use, then it is likely drawing bandwidth that you need to play the game.

Large fast download usualy take priority over lower bandwidth connections like games.

This is in now way a prioritisation process, but the fact that the download can draw lots of speed quickly, while a game doesn't need it so much. Thus the download can quickly saturate the bandwidth being used by the game.

home network

get a router then it doesnt put pressure on your pc with all the traffic going through one pc like ics does when 2 pcs are connecting through an ics gateway can cause a lot of probs not only does the host pc have to cope with its own work but its also having to cope with feeding info to the other machine using memory processor power etc we have been using one for nearly a year now and its alot better than trying to plug 2 pc's together with a cat5e cable and crossover adaptor it tends to spread it about abit Smiley