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hiper r 580w run a 8800gtx


hiper r 580w run a 8800gtx

can some one tell me if a 8800gtx will work with this psu
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hiper r 580w run a 8800gtx


Thats a beast of a card and a good choice but it does require two PCI Express power connectors to be connected to it

Review and some very valid comments here

The hiper type-r 580w has only one pci-e power connector so the answer unless theres some kind of adapter now available that i dont know about is no it wont and although the hiper is a fair psu (i also use one) you have to remember everything else it has to power as well as this card (its a thirsty one)

Im using the jeantech storm JNP-700-A12C 700w which would easily cover your needs and then some and i can highly recommend it